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Advanced PMU Diploma (Permanent Makeup Artist)

Advanced PMU Diploma (Permanent Makeup Artist)

Advanced PMU Diploma (Permanent Makeup Artist)

Advanced PMU Diploma (Permanent Makeup Artist)

Blended Program Our training Philosophy: we are pleased to offer small, more personalized classes. We believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. Our training is meticulously planned to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary to become the

Our Curriculum

AIWE is proud to offer a most advanced 12 weeks (Lifetime Mentoring Support + 2 Months In-School Practice) in our PMU artist diploma. Advance institute is the perfect place for anyone who is looking to start a new career in the PMU industry or for beauty professionals who would like to add permanent makeup treatments to their services and increase their income. Our courses are designed to help students learning highly profitable skills.

It’s our vision to build a new generation of PMU artists that deliver quality within their craft and service. We believe that by providing quality education, our students will be able to master any new skill they set their minds to.
With our courses, you will be able to take your PMU skills to the next level and provide the best service possible to your clients.
Expert Kit (High end pigments, micro blading pens, Machine & needles, accessories ) + manual INCLUDED


Microblading + Nano Blading +Powder Brows+ Ombre Brows/ Hybrid Brows+ Mens Brows+ Brow Correction

Theory Online

  1. Course Overview
  2. Blood Borne Pathogens
  3. Brow Introduction
  4. Who is Micro blading / Nano Brow Perfect for
  5. What Is Lip Blushing
  6. Benefits Of Lip Blushing
  7. What To Expect With Lip Blushing
  8. What is Creative Eye Lining
  9. Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner
  10. What is A Scar Camouflage Tattoo?
  11. Are Scar Camouflage Pigments Permanent?
  12. Variables to Longevity
  13. Skin Anatomy
  14. Skin Diseases and Disorders
  15. Skin Layers
  16. Types Of Skin Conditions
  17. Pigment Skin Testing
  18. Colour Theory/Pigment
  19. Colour Correcting
  20. Colour Guide
  21. Client History Files
  22. Client Contraindications
  23. Health and Safety Guidelines
  24. Aftercare
  25. Client Consultation Forms/Waivers


Hands-On Training In-Class

  1. Brow Mapping
  2. Mapping/Drawing The Brow
  3. Locating Brow Start/Arch/End
  4. Outlining The Brows
  5. Colour Theory
  6. Synthetic Skin Practice
  7. How to use your Micro blading Pen /PMU Machine
  8. Hair Stroke Flow
  9. Printable Eyebrow Worksheets
  10. Proper Angle, Depth, Pressure And Speed


Lip Blushing + Dark Lip Neutralization + Full Lip + Correction

Hands-On Training In-Class

  1. Lip Mapping/Pre-Draw
  2. Proper Depth, Speed, Pressure
  3. Colour Theory
  4. Printable Pigment Chart
  5. Synthetic Skin Practice
  6. Numbing The Lips
  7. Lip Tattooing Step By Step
  8. Lining The Lips
  9. Shading and Finishing The Lips
  10. Printable Pigment Chart
  11. Synthetic Skin Practice
  12. Proper Handling of Your PMU Machine
  13. Proper Depth, Pressure, And Speed


Eyelash Enhancement + Sculpted Eyeliner + Ombre Eyeliner+ Eyeliner Correction

Hands-On Training In-Class

  1. Lash line Mapping/Pre-Draw
  2. Proper Depth, Speed, Pressure
  3. Types of Eyeliner Tattooing
  4. Step By Step Application
  5. Numbing the Eye Lid
  6. Lash Line Enhancement
  7. Sculpted Eyeliner
  8. Ombre Eyeliner
  9. Contraindications
  10. Touch Ups



Scalp micropigmentation + paramedical scar covering + Correction

Hands-On Training Online

  1. Colour Thoery
  2. Proper Handeling of Your PMU Machine
  3. Proper Depth, Pressure, and Speed
  4. Selecting the Correct Needle Cartridge
  5. Client Consultations
  6. Identifying Scars and Stretch Marks


Model Session In-Class

  1. Live Model Session With Senior Instructor
  2. One on One Time For Every Student With Senior Instructor
  3. Unlimited Access to Senior Instructor After Course

Next Steps

We’ll guide you every step of the way, from theory to practice to ensure you not only easily pass your exams with the highest possible marks, but that upon graduation you’ll join over 98% of graduates working their dream job or starting their dream business.

Job Opportunities

  • Permanent Makeup Artist
  • PMU Educator
  • Medical Aesthetician
  • Freelance Permanent Makeup Artist
  • Cosmetic Tattoo Artist