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Well Educated but still earning less ?

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Well Educated but still earning less ?

Well Educated but still earning less ?

Well Educated but still earning less?

There is no denying the fact that in this competitive world, most of the young talents are facing work related problems.

Firstly, with regard to permanent job, most of the enterprises held universities responsible. These hold the view that in today’s education system, around 90% of the academics emphasize on theory, making the student devoid of practical work. The established firms always like to employ candidates who would be a power pack of knowledge of fundamentals and practical as well.

Secondly, most of the youngsters like to work immediately after completing their studies, where they agree to work anywhere at very less pay and even without considering it to be on temporary basis. Due to this, companies get fresh talents at less cost.

It is agreeable that starting a job anywhere to earn a livelihood is good but try to choose such field of study that would surely give you a competitive salary and a stress free life.

So what are you waiting for, BE YOUR OWN BOSS, join ADVANCE INSTITUTE, and choose from a number of courses that best suits your interest, be it becoming a RMT, an Esthetician or… as here the focus is equally on theory and practical that would lead you to get handsome packages immediately after completing the course or starting your own business.